It’s kind of like, I want you to want something that I want.

But deep down I know you’ll never want what I want you to want.

But you also keep acting like maybe you don’t really know what you want.

But I know what I want isn’t what you want. So I’m pretty much just emotionally torturing myself wishing that you’d want what I want so it could all be simple. 

All of this want is what makes me life a little more complicated. 

Ya dig? 

My dad is not a perfect person. 

But he is so good at making me feel good about my weight and stuff. 
Like I stepped on my scale and he was super proud of me. Like 125 woo! Good job. 

It doesn’t make me feel fat, or too thin. It just makes me feel like i’m doing something right and praise worthy. 

It’s nice.